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zspace-logozSpace, Inc., a top education company that brings mixed reality experiences to computing, has just announced it is joining The Khronos Group’s OpenXR working group in order to “define a cross-vendor, royalty-free, open standard for access to modern virtual reality (VR) devices.”

The Khronos Group, if you’re not familiar, is an industry consortium accelerating the development and deployment of cross platform, open standard APIs that bring the latest hardware capabilities to developers everywhere.

Along with other Khronos members, zSpace will help define and support the development of OpenXR, a standard to enable VR applications to easily connect to VR hardware.

“As a founding member of Khronos OpenXR, zSpace is honored to play a key role in defining how developers will integrate VR technology across various platforms,” said Doug Twilleager, zSpace CTO of Software. “We truly are on the forefront of something amazing, something game-changing, about how we interact and communicate with computers and the rest of the world.”

More details about the effort will be available for all to hear this week as zSpace plans to present at GDC in the Khronos Booth South Hall #2419, in the featured session, “WebGL for zSpace” on Wednesday and Thursday.


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