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zSpace and Google Expeditions Team to Creat VR Classroom ExperiencesClass isn’t just in session. It’s also in VR. And we have zSpace and Google to thank for it.

On Monday, zSpace announced that they are working with Google to create what they call an end-to-end virtual reality classroom experience that fuses zSpace’s interactive Screen VR technology with the Google Expeditions Pioneer Program.

As a result of the pairing, students will be exposed to learning content through the vivid photo and video Expeditions followed by “in-depth exploration opportunities in zSpace.”

Google and zSpace will begin the program for back-to-school 2016 and showcase the virtual reality classroom experience at conferences and tradeshows in the United States. Through the partnership, zSpace and Google aim to reach and inspire hundreds of thousands of students during the 2016-2017 school year and beyond.

“zSpace is thrilled to collaborate with Google to bring more virtual reality content to our customers and, more importantly, to work together to define and understand the ways that experience virtual reality can transform learning,” said Paul Kellenberger, zSpace’s CEO.

To check out Expeditions with your own eyes, click here.


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