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wsj-custom-studios-launches-first-virtual-reality-projectKicking off the month of December with a bang, WSJ. Custom Studios is launching its first-ever 360-degree virtual reality film series. And project is centered on a global concern on the minds of many.

“The new program with client Morgan Stanley explores the ways capital can create change and fuel tangible solutions in the areas of sustainability and mobility,” reads a media announcement provided to VRJournal.

“Capital Creates Change” uses virtual reality to “deeply examine how climate change impacts people around the world and how those impacted have found opportunities to foster change.”

Viewers of the series will be transported to Kiribati, a Central Pacific island nation “at the edge of climate change,” among other illustrative hot spots around the world.

“Immersive storytelling is at the center of all of our projects,” said Jordan Hyman, Vice President of Multimedia Sales at WSJ. Custom Studios. “As we worked with Morgan Stanley to develop this campaign, it became clear that 360-degree video would be the most innovative and effective way to create a deeper emotional connection between the audience and the content.”

To see the experience for yourself, click here.


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