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Will Zuck Talk VR After FB EarningsAs Wall Street eagerly anticipates Facebook’s release of fourth-quarter earnings on Wednesday afternoon, the tech world is eagerly anticipating something else — news on the virtual reality front.

With Facebook-owned Oculus starting to ship its Rift VR headsets next month, Facebook’s big bet on virtual reality may soon pan out. But that doesn’t mean FB is done gambling during the interim.

As the New York Times explained this morning, investors, analysts and consumers all want to know more about FB’s plan to ready its network more comprehensively for the coming virtual reality revolution.

By all accounts, Facebook’s bulging bet on VR will be all about content for the remainder of 2016. With Rift ripe for widespread adoption, FB is now in need of dramatically escalating the amount of VR content it has to offer.

“Building out a network that can handle this load of dense video costs billions of dollars, however. And that is before running a big virtual reality system,” asserts Quentin Hardy of the NYT. “But Mr. Zuckerberg faced a similar challenge when he built Facebook’s global computer network and is now following a similar playbook.”

FB will report earnings after the bell today. And CEO Mark Zuckerberg is expected to take questions from the media shortly after the release.


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