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What's Life Like on a Coffee Farm Nescafe and Google Partner to Brew VR PeekSay it’s so, Joe!

If you’ve ever wanted to know what a coffee farm is like, now’s your chance.

Nescafe and Google recently teamed up to show consumers what life is like on a coffee farm. Their inspiration is now a 360 degree immersive app.

“The app, on Android and Apple, gives Smartphone users a panoramic inside view of the way the brand harvests coffee cherries on farms in Brazil,” according to MarketingMagazineUK. “Using tech based on Google Cardboard, people can tilt in any direction. It is designed to make people feel they are standing in the coffee field themselves.”

This virtual reality experience is a promotion vehicle for Nescafe, which wants to highlight the fact that the company employs 250 experts in coffee farming at farms in 10 different countries. Nescafe also offers education and training in sustainable farming, the company said.

Want a YouTube look? Grab your coffee cup, sit back, and check out the clip below.


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