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L_logo_b_datelocationtagSIGGRAPH 2017, a annual interdisciplinary educational experience showcasing the latest in computer graphics and interactive techniques, will feature a special Art Gallery this year dedicated to the works of contemporary Latin American artists, according to the official announcement shared with VRJournal today.

SIGGRAPH 2017 will mark the 44th International Conference and Exhibition on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques, and will be held 30 July–3 August 2017 in Los Angeles.

SIGGRAPH’s Art Gallery this year is entitled “Unsettled Artifacts: Technological Speculations from Latin America” and will present 10 curated installations from seven Latin American countries (Argentina, Mexico, Ecuador, Cuba, Chile, Brazil, and Colombia). It is the first exhibition in SIGGRAPH history that is dedicated exclusively to Latin American artists.

According to the provided statement:

Paula Gaetano Adi, SIGGRAPH 2017 Art Gallery Chair, said, “For the first time, the SIGGRAPH Art Gallery will cross the U.S./Mexico border to present contemporary artistic responses from South and Central America, which are proposing alternative understandings of technology, art, and cultural exchange. Each curated piece looks at how artists, designers, and local makers and developers are using different tactics to create innovative, sophisticated, experimental, humorous, and rebellious work, and how they navigate the tensions and ambiguities between global and local, political and private, virtual and real, modern and traditional. It will also feature experimental artworks while attempting to map new grounds on which we can imagine different and alternative futures. Thus the speculative nature of the ‘unsettled artifacts’ idea.”

To learn more or to review this year’s gallery, click here.


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