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Here are some of the most interesting headlines, commentaries, reports, and breaking news surrounding virtual reality that we’ve been following from around the web this week.

UFC, X-Games and Live Nation Confirm VR Deals with Samsung
Some of the biggest brands in entertainment and technology are teaming up with Samsung in order to capitalize on today’s growing public fascination with virtual reality.

Boosted By Virtual Reality, U.S. Smartphone Ownership Hits Record High
Aided at least in part by the explosion in consumer interest for virtual reality, smartphones are now in 80 percent of U.S. homes.

Six Flags St. Louis Ramps Up VR, High Flying Thrills
Just in time for summer, Six Flags St. Louis is taking its virtual thrills to an entirely new level.

Buzzworthy News: AppSwarm Touts Joint Venture With Yam Yam Mobile
On Wednesday, VRJournal learned that AppSwarm — a company that focuses on the acquisition and development of application-based technologies — has forged a joint venture with Yam Yam Mobile to finalize an educationally rich virtual reality game centered around bees.

VR Accelerates Drivers Ed
VRJournal learned Thursday that Aceable — a mobile education platform and makers of the first state-approved drivers ed app — is shifting into gear with virtual reality.

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