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Here are some of the most interesting headlines, commentaries, reports, and breaking news surrounding virtual reality that we’ve been following from around the web this week.

Google Acquires VR Innovator Owlchemy
Big news from Google ahead of the weekend. The Internet search giant and technology innovator has acquired Owlchemy Studios, a thriving VR gaming outfit widely respected in its industry.

Google’s VR boss Clay Bavor explains why ‘comfort is so important in VR’
Google is partnering with HTC and Lenovo to build standalone virtual reality headsets. The new devices won’t require a phone or PC and will be made available to consumers later this year. But VR is a crowded space and Google will have to compete with Oculus, Intel, Samsung and others.

I Love Virtual Reality, But I’m Also Afraid of It
Could virtual reality be dangerous? John Hanke worries that it could. And he should know: Hanke is the CEO of Niantic, the company primarily responsible for the Pokémon Go phenomenon that struck last summer.

Cyber Jockeys: Local sports teams enter new era with virtual reality technology
What is it like to catch a fly ball, run the bases, take batting practice or face a major league pitcher?

VR Innovation: Samsung and Hipaax Ramp Up for Wearables in the Workplace
Representatives for Samsung Electronics America confirmed to VRJournal on Tuesday that the company is teaming up with alliance partner Hipaax, a developer of TaskWatch — a wearable task management platform — for the purpose of accelerating the use of wearables in the workplace with an integrated smartwatch solution for businesses featuring “new capabilities that improve efficiency, increase productivity and enhance customer satisfaction.”


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