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newsHere are some of the most interesting headlines, commentaries, reports, and breaking news surrounding virtual reality that we’ve been following from around the web this week.

VR Pioneers to Host ‘Deep Dive’ into the Reality of Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality
With VR, AR, and mixed reality changing life, media, healthcare, entertainment and business as we know it, entire industries and countless entrepreneurs are currently assessing how they can best capitalize on the mammoth opportunities at hand.

Listen Up: Here Comes The First Music Album in Virtual Reality
It’s hailed as being a first of its kind music listening experience.

SpotX, OmniVirt Team Up to Bring Scale to 360° VR Advertising
Two powerhouses in their respective fields are teaming up, much to the thrill of the ad tech community.

More From the Mall: Brookstone Touts Expansion of VR Goggle Line
VRJournal learned Wednesday that specialty retailer Brookstone has partnered with ReTrak to deliver what it calls “amazing, in-store virtual reality experiences” to customers in Brookstone mall and airport stores across the U.S.

Baidu Acquires xPerception
Today in China, Baidu — the leading Chinese language Internet search provider — announced the acquisition of xPerception.


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