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newsHere are some of the most interesting headlines, commentaries, reports, and breaking news surrounding virtual reality that we’ve been following from around the web this week.

How to get started with Facebook’s 360 VR app
Mark Zuckerberg has long been an advocate of virtual reality (the vast sums he paid for Oculus will attest to that) and, after promising to integrate the technolgy more into Facebook for years, he has finally revealed the Facebook 360 VR app.

Lowe’s Unveils Next-Generation VR Experience
The lowdown on Lowe’s today is that the home improvement giant is the latest to hammer home the power of virtual reality for effective marketing and consumer experiences.

Cable News Giant Launches VR Journalism Unit
CNN isn’t just reporting news today, it’s making headlines of its own. And for good reason in the realm of virtual reality.

Gamers Told to Gear Up for Mission: Impossible in Virtual Reality
There’s a new mission coming for gamers. Should they choose to accept it, a familiar entertainment brand is headed to the world of virtual reality for their gaming pleasure.

No Joke: Theme Park VR Experience to Open April 1st
It’s not an April Fool’s Day joke. It’s the real deal. And VR thrill seekers everywhere will soon have a destination to flock to beginning next month.


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