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Representatives for Samsung Electronics America confirmed to VRJournal on Tuesday that the company is teaming up with alliance partner Hipaax, a developer of TaskWatch — a wearable task management platform — for the purpose of accelerating the use of wearables in the workplace with an integrated smartwatch solution for businesses featuring “new capabilities that improve efficiency, increase productivity and enhance customer satisfaction.”

Designed to improve workforce management for hospitality, retail and transportation markets, the solution takes capabilities typically associated with smartphones, and brings them to the wearable world—enabling businesses to more easily deploy and manage wearables for enterprise use, a provided statement explains.

“The Samsung and Hipaax solution delivers hands-free technology that lets businesses customize a wearable interface based on company needs and provide a gamified experience for employees,” the emailed statement notes.

All told integration of the Samsung Gear S3 or Gear S2 smartwatch and the Hipaax task management platform ensures workers get important notifications via wearable, accelerating employee responses to workplace tasks and communications among teammates.

Samsung will be demonstrating the Hipaax TaskWatch solution at this year’s IoT World event in Orlando, Florida. The conference kicks off today and wraps up Thursday.


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