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VR Drops In at Another Six FlagsVirtual reality is heating up just in time for summer.

Beginning July 14, North America will play host to its first-ever drop tower virtual reality ride. The location? Six Flags Fiesta Texas.

The arrival of “Drop of Doom VR” was touted Thursday by the theme park giant, as part of the park’s 25th anniversary season.

“Fiesta Texas partnered with Samsung Electronics America, Inc. to create the spider-infested virtual reality experience,” CBS News reports.

“The innovative technology of Samsung Gear VR allows us to create a variety of different experiences on various rides like this newest version of our Scream Tower Drop attraction.  Riders on Drop of Doom will be immersed in a mixed reality where they can battle giant spiders by firing defensive blasts from their headset,” Park President Jeffrey Siebert was quoted in the CBS report, which notes that the interactive adventure features of the ride will include:

  • A high speed virtual vertical ascent up 100 stories, while teetering on the edge of a helicopter;
  • A 360-degree rotating view high above massive city skyscrapers that are under siege by enormous spiders;
  • A high-intensity gun battle against a giant arachnid, spewing baby spiders that virtually crawl all over the rider’s body;
  • A thrilling virtual 100-story fiery plunge straight down between towering skyscrapers; and
  • The final showdown with a spider the size of a van, teeth-gnashing and in full attack mode.

To read the full report, click here.


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