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Sansum_Clinic_VR_Goggles_Lessen_Pain_and_Fear_During_VaccinationsWhile virtual reality’s role in healthcare is nothing new, a relatively new application for VR in the health space is a welcome reality for parents of children afraid to receive required or recommended inoculations.

A recent pilot study conducted by Sansum Clinic doctors revealed that “patients who viewed ocean scenes through virtual reality (VR) goggles felt less stress than those who received their shots without the high-tech glasses.”

In other words, the use of VR can distract and relax individuals — especially children — who fear needles.

So how did the study work? Here’s a summary shared with VRJournal on Wednesday:

The pilot study conducted in September and November of 2016 at Sansum Clinic locations in Santa Barbara and Lompoc, CA compared children who used VR goggles during vaccination to those who received their vaccine in the traditional fashion.   112 of 244 children used Turbot 3D virtual reality goggles when receiving their seasonal flu shot. Those using the VR goggles reported 48% less pain than those without them.

Sansum Clinic’s Dr. Mark Silverberg believes VR technology could make patients healthier and, perhaps, the world at large safer from preventable disease.

“It’s a shame to think of kids going unvaccinated simply because of the stress. We were looking for a simple, inexpensive remedy,” explains Dr. Silverberg in today’s media release.


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