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VR Coloring Books Poised to Educate, Fascinate ChildrenAre traditional coloring books a thing of the past? If virtual reality gets its way, that may be the case.

Makers of ‘stickers that come alive’ are now crowdfunding a new product called ‘DiscovAR,’ which is billed as a traditional coloring book that meets 21st-century tech where kids can color-in a scene with normal pens or crayons and images come alive (thanks to a corresponding free app).

Thanks to virtual reality technology, children can view their full 360-degree world through a compatible mobile device.

Children can use any pens, pencils or paints in order to color the scenes from the book. Then by holding a smartphone or tablet over any page, characters and environments pictured appear in 4D using the exact same colors chosen by the budding young artists.

“Kids have been telling us that they’d love even more ways to bring characters to life,” says Co-creator and mum-of-one Sharon Wyness. “So coloring books seemed like the best idea. Children can still have all the traditional fun of coloring but by using the technology at their fingertips they can bring these scenes to life, watching in amazement as what’s on the page appears in front of their eyes in the colors they’ve chosen. Most importantly for me as a mum, there are no expensive or special pens to buy. They can use all their own coloring stuff and parents are safe in the knowledge that, just like our stickers, there are no in-app purchases and once downloaded you don’t need Wi-Fi (app) to make it all work. Just the free app.”

To learn more or to check out the campaign, click here.


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