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VR Advertisers Thinking Outside the (Jack in the) BoxOn Tuesday, VRJournal reported that Post launched this week the largest targeted interstitial ad campaign ever with VirtualSKY, a revolutionary virtual reality ad network. But the respected breakfast cereal brand is far from the only prominent consumer brand giant to dabble in VR. As it turns out, fast food companies are also knocking on VR’s marketing door.

The Wall Street Journal confirmed today that Jack in the Box is turning to Virtual Reality to promote Jack’s Brewhouse Bacon Burger. The fast-food company, we’re told, produced a short VR film to give prospective patrons “an immersive experience.”

Richard Cran, ‎the VP of marketing communications at Jack in the Box, tells the WSJ that his company shares the view that virtual reality affords brand marketers an unprecedented opportunity to connect and engage with consumers.

“The days where TV commercials and a banner ad look exactly same, personally, I don’t think and we don’t think is the most engaging way to tell a story to customers. But you need to have some narrative thread that links all the pieces, even though they may be a little different,” Cran expounds. “The press got the thread presented in a way that was very personal and one-on-one, and VR enabled that. Our consumers broadly will get that through television and streaming video and digital television.”

Cran isn’t spilling the beans on what may be the company’s next VR advertising move, but it’s clearly suggested in today’s report that there’s more on the grill than just burgers at Jack in the Box today.

The exec event hinted to the WSJ that Jack in the Box “may be looking to get in on the Pokémon Go mobile gaming craze that’s bringing augmented reality into the mainstream.”


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