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newsNews Release: Virtualsetworks, the leading provider of virtual set studios, today announced a new line of virtual set studio backgrounds for NewTek’s Tricaster TC1 in greater than 4K Resolution. Virtualsetworks offers an extensive library of pre-existing sets and custom-designed virtual sets. These new sets give users greater ability to do camera movements in HD or work in 4K resolutions.

PowerSets allow users to independently move virtual set components and turn layers on or off for expanded customization. There are more opportunities to add or remove things within these sets like furniture, desks and screens. Users can purchase only the elements they need, or together as a package.

“We are constantly working to provide high-quality, low-cost virtual backgrounds for video production professionals,” said Eric Pratt, CEO of Virtualsetworks. “We love finding ways to improve our products to fit our customers’ needs, and with these new Virtual Sets customers now have greater flexibility and customization opportunities.”

These Virtual Sets for Tricaster TC1 are backwards compatible with HD Tricaster units and are editable in NewTek’s Virtual Set Editor and Photoshop for greatest flexibility. These sets work equally well with the Tricaster 8000, 860, 460, and Mini versions of the Tricaster.

Virtualsetworks Virtual Studios for Tricaster are priced at $329, and packages of 10 $995. Virtualsetworks’ virtual sets can be purchased individually or in a pack of 10 at www.virtualsetworks.com. The company offers hundreds of other virtual set backgrounds in different formats.

Watch our virtual sets in action here:

Or download a trial virtual set here:

About Virtualsetworks

Virtualsetworks is the leading provider of virtual set studios offering an extensive library of pre-existing sets and custom-designed virtual sets. We offer hundreds of virtual set options in High Definition, 4K, Tricaster, vMix, Wirecast, and FBX. Our sets work with all programs designed to handle video and chromakey, from basic editing programs to real-time virtual set systems. For more information, visit www.virtualsetworks.com. Follow us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Virtualsetworks/ and on Twitter @Virtualsetworks.


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