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16-12_Atkins_HiddenSugars_DesignMMCan virtual reality help Americans lose weight and make smarter dietary decisions? The folks at Atkins believe so. And they’re convinced a growing number of citizens simply can’t answer simple questions about basic nutrition facts.

Per the results of a nationally representative Sugar Gap Study released Monday by Atkins Nutritionals, Inc., just 28 percent of Americans could answer all of the nutrition facts correctly.

Overall, less than half of all Americans can identify what makes up so-called “nutritious foods.” Millennials, however, possess the largest knowledge gap, with one-third (33 percent) selecting the correct nutrition components.

Atkins says The Sugar Gap Study is the first to look at the gap in America’s knowledge about nutrition and the “hidden sugar effect,” where certain foods turn into sugar during the digestive process.

To assist in better educating Americans, Atkins is launching a year-long education effort, The Hidden Sugar Campaign, which will focus on helping people make smarter choices about the foods they are eating through a virtual reality (VR) experience (dubbed the “Atkins Sugar Goggles”).

We’re told that this VR experience takes a user through an abstract of a tunnel in the body and shows how it responds to low-sugar and high sugar foods.

Through an education initiative with HealthCorps, the Sugar Goggles will give high school students a hands-on learning experience about the foods they are eating.

“We are advocating for people to understand that the Atkins low carb lifestyle is focused on a balanced diet comprised of optimal protein, healthy fats and fiber-rich carbohydrates to maintain steady energy, avoid excessive blood sugar spikes, while providing satiety and maintaining a healthy weight,” said Colette Heimowitz, vice president of nutrition and education, Atkins Nutritionals, Inc.

To learn more about the Sugar Gap Study, click here.


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