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Virtual Reality Proving Fashionable at New York Fashion WeekObsess, a technology startup building a virtual reality shopping platform for fashion, confirmed Tuesday the release of a VR experience for the F/W 2017 collections of 5 fashion designers represented by FTL Moda.

The project in question, which came together in partnership with Samsung, is billed as being the first fashion show experience where viewers can interactively browse each look from a collection in immersive virtual reality and experience the presentation entirely virtually.

The VR experience will be shown at New York Fashion Week today during FTL Moda’s event at Samsung 837.

The virtual show was created for the Samsung Gear VR powered by Oculus, using software developed by Obsess and content produced by FTL Moda. It includes 360 videos of each collection, and an immersive interactive experience where the buyer can see each look in detail at their own pace, get more information about it and indicate their interest in it, all in VR. Data about the popularity of the individual looks is then available to the designer via the Obsess platform.

“Because of its immersive nature, Virtual Reality is a powerful medium for designers to tell their story and engage buyers and consumers with a collection in a deeper way,” said Neha Singh, Founder & CEO of Obsess, who has previously worked at Google and Vogue. “We are working on making this cutting-edge technology accessible to brands and retailers by building a platform that will enable them to create beautiful, interactive, immersive shopping experiences. This exciting collaboration with Samsung and FTL Moda is a preview of what the future holds for VR as a medium to experience fashion.”

New York Fashion Week commences Thursday, February 9th.


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