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virtual-reality-production-innovator-taps-new-talentAccording to an announcement emailed to VRJournal ahead of the weekend, multi-Emmy-Award-winning director and producer Neil Mandt’s newest venture, which was launched as a means to “breathe new life into immersive storytelling,” is fast becoming a magnet for top industry talent.

New to the team is Chadwick Turner, a virtual reality industry luminary, and George Sells, a seasoned, award-winning journalist. Together, they have joined MANDT VR, serving as chief strategy officer and general manager of news, respectively.

Before joining MANDT VR, Chadwick founded and served as chief creative officer of Circle VR, an immersive media consultancy and content development studio.

On the other hand, heading up MANDT VR’s news division, George brings nearly 25 years’ experience in broadcast and digital journalism to the company.

“Up to this point, the storytelling power of virtual reality has been largely untapped; but with recent estimates citing VR hardware might crack $50 billion by 2021, the time to develop high-caliber VR content is now,” said Neil Mandt, CEO of MANDT VR, in a provided release. “Consumers might admire VR hardware and acknowledge technological advances, but without compelling content and interesting stories to engage with, even the coolest headset is useless. MANDT VR’s raison d’etre is producing Hollywood-quality, serialized VR experiences, and with Chadwick and George guiding these efforts, we’re primed to change the manner in which we interact with and understand the world around us.


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