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Immerex_UC_Berkeley_AR_VR_LabThe University of California, Berkeley announced on Monday a corporate gift from the entertainment virtual reality company Immerex that will outfit a new lab for Berkeley’s “accelerating work” in augmented reality and virtual reality.

According to a media release shared with VRJournal this morning, applications for this research range from AR/VR content that trains doctors in life-saving techniques to performances that bring artists and audiences together in vivid, immersive virtual space.

As for the new lab, we’re told it will be located in Berkeley’s Cory Hall and will be named the Immerex Virtual Reality Lab.

The lab is designed to provide “collaboration space for Berkeley faculty and students affiliated with the Center for Augmented Cognition, based in the College of Engineering.”

The center supports Berkeley faculty and students in their research on human cognition modeling, human-computer interaction and human-robot collaboration through augmented and virtual reality technologies.

Not surprisingly, the folks behind the joint venture are thrilled with the opportunities being engendered.

“Thanks to Immerex, we will be able to host advanced student projects and offer new innovative curriculum in virtual reality,” said S. Shankar Sastry, dean of the College of Engineering as well as a co-director of the Center for Augmented Cognition. “We expect the new lab will make a positive impact in strengthening Berkeley’s leading role in Silicon Valley and globally on the innovation of disruptive technologies that connect information, people and society.”


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