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Tractica Tracking Big Sales Potential of VR Head-Mounted DisplaysWhat’s the future of events like the Super Bowl? The game — and the advertising opportunities that come with it — could get very immersive now that virtual reality is making headway.

Back in 2014, CNN reported that 1.3 Million viewers watched the Super Bowl via live-streaming, not on TV. That number was undoubtedly much higher this year.

“The rising (number) of sports fans watching the Super Bowl via live-stream is changing the dynamic of marketing to these consumers with Immersive Advertising in a Virtual Reality experience taking the helm with 3-D gaming hardware and software programs that will have fans feeling like they’re not just viewing the game or an advertisement, but feeling as though they are actually in it,” suggests a fascinating piece recently from BroadWayWorld.

The team at Ubiquity believes it’s just a matter of time — and not that much of it.

“Our culture is about to see a major shift in in advertising and this year’s Super Bowl will exemplify that shift,” said Ubiquity CEO Chris Carmichael. “Immersive advertising’s time has come with the blending of Immersive and Virtual Reality Technology. The user experience will take center stage allowing for a more engaging and creative landscape, letting viewers learn more about the brands than they ever could via regular TV commercials and certainly more than with Pop-ups and Banner Advertising.”

In other words, it won’t be long before the game gets really up close and personal for spectators — and the watchers don “helmets,” too.


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