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GDC 2016 Will Launch Standalone Virtual Reality Developers ConferencePerhaps your friend is moving away, or you’re starting a long distance relationship. In recent times, technological advances have helped immensely with this issue. Such advances – Skype, Facetime, etc. — have allowed people to talk face to face with people all over the world.

Now imagine the ability to hang out with your long distance friend and have the ability to catch a movie or a TV show without the hassle of syncing up your entertainment to play at the same time. With the advances of Virtual Reality, it is possible.

With the help of Facebook company, Oculous, and Samsung a revolutionary form of Virtual Reality is being turned into a Social Media platform. With the programming from Oculous and the hardware from Samsung, you are able to turn your phone into a virtual movie theatre where you and up to five other avatars are able to sit, talk, and enjoy a good movie. Not only are you able to enjoy the movie but the hardware senses your movement and will allow your friends to recognize your facial expressions.

Naturally, many would have thought that video games would have been the first place to find virtual reality advancement. On the contrary, Mike Elgan of Computerworld says, “I think it will be social interaction. That’s why the appearance of the Oculus Social alpha is significant. It’s a milestone as important as when the first smartphone came out — a first product in its category that will completely change how humans interact with one another.”

Intrigued or excited about these advancements to come? I bet you’re not the only one. For more information on this virtual advancement, check out the full article from Computerworld.


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