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Virtual Reality Making Major 'MOVES' with New CompetitionVirZOOM, maker of VirZOOM Arcade virtual reality games and VirZOOM VR platform, is aiming to achieve yet another first in the fast-emerging virtual reality industry.

On Tuesday, the company announced what it calls the world’s first U.S. national vSports competition.

The competition spans March 17-19. As for what it entails, here’s what we can tell you. vSports is “real, physical competition” in online multiplayer virtual reality on VirZOOM.

We’re told that the public can compete at vSports venues around North America in VirZOOM vSports competitions, which are sponsored by HTC Vive, AMD and Fitbit.

Participants pedal their way through VirZOOM online multiplayer games to top the leaderboards at the end of the weekend. The vSports competition game played will be VirZOOM’s Tank: Winterstan, the most popular game among the suite of VirZOOM Arcade games.

VR event participation, which is free at vSports venues, may result, however, in real life prizes. VRJournal can confirm that players are eligible to earn prizes for high scores, including an HTC Vive headset, AMD VR Ready PC and Fitbit Charge 2 device and more.

For more info and the inside scoop on participating locations, click here.


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