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ZspaceThis week, the team at zSpace today announced that at Culverdale Elementary, virtual reality technology is helping students break down language and learning barriers,” the zSpace team says.

Culverdale is a member of the Irvine Unified School District in Orange County, California. And it’s important to note that Culverdale Elementary is the most diverse school in Orange County, as approximately 37 percent of students at Culverdale receive economic assistance.

What’s more 62 percent of students speak one of 39 different languages.

In their first few months of learning with zSpace STEM Labs — a screen-based virtual reality solution — students are said to be gaining a “deeper understanding of science concepts.”

“Humans naturally learn best by doing, and I’ve seen the way using zSpace engages my students in learning,” said Culverdale principal Aaron Jetzer. “When students are building objects, looking inside things like microorganisms or anatomy systems and taking them apart in 3D, they’re having these ‘ah-hah!’ moments that they wouldn’t be able to otherwise.”

For students who speak English as a second language, zSpace says it is providing an opportunity to engage in science more deeply than ever before.

To check out zSpace in action for yourself, click here.


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