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Virtual Reality Goes to Pot (More Like Pottery)Just about everything — and we mean everything — is getting swept up into the virtual reality crazy. Even pottery.

According to the scoop shared with VRJournal on Monday, virtual reality is the latest addition to the ReallyMake experience.

Those behind the pottery-making app for smartphones announced today that it has rolled out “a highly advanced virtual potter’s wheel that will allow kids, adults and anyone with a creative genius to create clay, ceramics, earthenware, porcelain and stoneware works of art.”

Artists will be able to fabricate many different pottery shapes such as vases, cups, bowls, etc. with nine different colors of clay and a portfolio of “virtual” shaping techniques typically used on a potter’s wheel.

“Once shaped,” the app makers tell us, “the pottery may be decorated and glazed using paint eight colors, personal stamps, and patterns. After designers are finished, they can store the earthenware and view it in their personal community ‘Art Gallery.'”

The reason for the app? Fun. ReallyMake Pottery App was engineered, the company tells us, to let people have fun “creating, shaping, and painting their own pottery via a handy and very convenient smartphone app just like spinning clay on a real pottery wheel.”

Want to try it out for yourself? Click here.


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