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The_Virtual_Reality_Company_Raising_a_RukusWhat’s all the noise — or shall we say ‘Rukus’ — in the virtual reality space today? It’s the latest new from The Virtual Reality Company (VRC).

On Monday, the VRC officially unveiled “Raising a Rukus.”

Hailed as a “ground-breaking animated VR adventure series,” we’re told the offering is effectively the first storytelling franchise to be released in the VR industry, and the first of its kind for families.

Brought to life by a team of award winning Hollywood veterans, “Raising a Rukus” invites viewers to go on a series of magical adventures with a brother and sister led by their mischievous pet dog, Rukus.

According to this morning’s release, two-time Academy Award-winning Director and Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of VRC, Robert Stromberg and VRC are producing the original series.

“VRC’s vision for ‘Raising a Rukus’ was to create an experience that allows viewers to step into this world and connect emotionally with these lovable and endearing characters and their stories in a way that only VR can make possible,” said Stromberg. “VRC is working to bring thrilling VR worlds to life through stories that will be memorable, thought provoking and entertaining to people around the world.”

Expected out this spring, VRC will release the “Raising a Rukus” adventure series on major VR platforms, mobile, premium HMDs, and theatrically.


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