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UALR’s Emerging Analytics Center to Present VR Open HouseVRJournal learned Wednesday that The Emerging Analytics Center (EAC) at the University of Little Rock (UA-Little Rock) will host a two-day Open House event April 7-8, 2017.

With virtual reality becoming a fixture on the academic scene across the United States, today’s news comes as little surprise. Nonetheless, enthusiasm abounds ahead of next month’s scheduled event.

“Attendees will experience the intriguing dynamics of virtual and augmented reality as it affects our daily lives from engineering environments, educational training and new business opportunities,” an emailed statement explains.

The event, which offers presentations hourly during operating hours, is free.

During the program, some of the latest applications will be demonstrated on latest tech-to-market devices such as the Oculus Rift and the HTC VIVE virtual reality viewers as the attendees move through an action-packed series of involved programs that place the viewer in a totally immersed world.

“Whether you are a professional seeking new strategies to enhance your business or a parent wanting to expose your children to this technology that is arriving fast in Arkansas and the nation, this is your big event for the year,” says Dr. Carolina Cruz-Neira, Director of the EAC.


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