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VRJournal was briefed Wednesday by the team at Tremor Video on their new 360 degree video ad units.

These cutting edge ad units, the company boasts, motivate viewers to watch, participate in and share richer brand experiences that positively impact practically everything — brand recall, engagement, favorability, and identity — by offering consumers “greater control over their ad experiences.”

“With consumers increasingly seeking virtual reality entertainment, 360 video gives viewers an immersive experience similar to virtual reality without the need for a VR headset,” the company says.

For advertisers, the immersive nature of VR and 360 video provides the perfect opportunity to engage audiences in new and exciting ways against the backdrop of growing competition for viewer attention.

We’re told that the Tremor Video 360 Video offering includes:

  • Premium in-stream video supply
  • Unrestricted video length
  • All-Screen scale on mobile and desktop
  • Ability to toggle between gyroscope and swipe modes on mobile
  • Compatibility with VR headsets and cardboard viewers

“We are always looking to push the boundaries of what brands and publishers are capable of doing with digital video. For the first time, advertisers are able to develop and distribute high-impact, custom creative brand narratives at scale. To date, most 360 video ad campaigns have had limited distribution due to technological hurdles, but have developed exciting new technology that enables brand campaigns to achieve scale by accessing Tremor Video’s large number of premium publishers,” said Lauren Wiener, President, Buyer Platform, Tremor Video.

To learn more, check out Tremor Video here.


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