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Top VR Talent Departs FacebookFacebook is reportedly losing one of its best and brightest minds with deep experience in the realm of virtual reality.

The world’s foremost social media network and early VR pioneer is set to bid farewell to Mary Lou Jepsen, who presently serves as head of display technology for the company’s promising Oculus VR division.

Reps for the Oculus unit confirmed the departure to the WSJ, which broke the news today.
“We wish Mary Lou all the best as she pursues her passion to change the world with next-generation medical technologies,” the rep is quoted. “We’re very excited to see what she invents next.”

As for what’s next, Jepsen will leave Facebook in late summer to redirect her focus on healthcare tech and the war to eradicate various diseases from human existence.

Jepsen came to Facebook last year following a successful run with Google.


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