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Titillating Tech: Facebook's ‘Tilt for VR’ App Is Now in DevelopmentIt’s no secret that Facebook digs virtual reality. In fact, the company bought Oculus Rift, the maker of VR headsets, and has been dropping hints about what the company sees as the future of VR technology.

Well, now there are more than hints to heed. The news is that Facebook is developing a “dedicated smartphone app for VR, based around a concept that uses the same principles as those old holographic cards you would get as prizes in various snacks: tilting.”

“A tilt for VR app from Facebook is in its early stages of development according to the reputable Wall Street Journal, whose reporters have been tipped off by a source familiar with the matter,” according to GeekSnack. “The development of a Facebook VR app marks a new milestone in the development and perception of virtual reality as an emerging industry within technology and consumers seem to be more and more attracted to the concept.”

Reportedly, Facebook will leverage its presence in the social media community to promote VR once the tilt for VR Facebook app becomes available.

“The new Facebook app aims to introduce both VR content as 360 video content, like on Youtube,” notes GreekSnack.

The Facebook tilt for VR app will be available on both Android and iOS — in other words, on most smartphones that are already owned by consumers.

The app relies on 360 video and its spherical appearance, which could be taken advantage of by simply tilting a phone.

“By creating a tilt for VR app, Facebook wants to make viewing immersive content more easily accessible to all people, instead of focusing only on Oculus Rift, which will be a much more expensive endeavor for the company as well as for consumers,” the report concludes. “Moreover, Facebook will be able to solidify its presence in the VR industry even before the upcoming consumer version of the Oculus Rift goes life in the first quarter of next year.”


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