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TimefireVROn Friday, VRJournal learned that TimefireVR Inc., a software development company focused on virtual reality content, has appointed a new CEO.

Jeffrey Rassás, Co-Founder & Chief Strategic Officer of TimefireVR, is the new Chief Executive Officer.

In the big chair, we’re told that Rassás will lead the Company into its next phase of releasing the Alpha version of its virtual reality experience, Hypatia, in the first quarter of 2017.

A release to the media notes that Rassás formally replaces Jonathan Read who will remain a consultant through July 2017.

“TimefireVR is at a critical juncture in the Company’s history. After two years of development, we are nearing the final stages before Alpha launch of Hypatia,” Rassás says. “Built to socialize, create and explore, Hypatia will bring experience and exploration to a feature-rich world and complex virtual economy focused on social interaction, commerce, cultural immersion, entertainment and education.” Mr. Rassás continued, “We are grateful to Mr. Read for his service to the Company through the critical period of the merger and our initial financing. Together, we have built a strong foundation for our Company to move forward.”


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