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TimefireVRVRJournal has learned that TimefireVR Inc. has scored a new partnership arrangement that is reverberating throughout the VR world on Monday.

The software development company focused on virtual reality content is now in business with Solid State Networks of Phoenix, Arizona.

Together, the companies will implement DIRECT 5 for Release Automation to accelerate “last-mile deployment of Hypatia in Alpha.”

“TimefireVR is scheduled to release its first major VR product titled Hypatia. Solid State’s deep expertise in content delivery has impressed us along with their breadth of knowledge and successes in working with top AAA and independent studios,” says Jeffrey Rassás, the company’s Co-Founder and CEO.

“Distribution and bandwidth is of major importance to our successful roll-out,” he adds. “We require a solution that is cost effective while offering our customers the best possible download and install experience. Working with the Founder of Solid State and his amazing team affords us an elegant release automation solution and has saved us countless development hours and capital.”

John Wise, Founder and President of TimefireVR, is equally optimistic.

“Working in a developing industry such as VR where implementation by the consumer can already be a daunting task,” Wise remarks. “Everything we can do to ease that transition is a requirement in our offering. DIRECT 5 gives us the management and delivery tools built on Solid State’s previous experience of delivering software for Adobe and Microsoft in addition to years of game distribution where speed and ease of access have been a driving passion of Rick and his company. Not only does Solid State offer great partners in their agreements with Amazon’s AWS and Akamai’s cloud services, but they complement our future by allowing DIRECT 5 to work with Valve’s Steam Network where we will also be distributing our title.”


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