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The Virtual Fitting Room Memomi’s MemoryMirror Could Soon Save You the TroubleWill wonders never cease.

A fascinating profile from VentureBeat reveals that three Neiman Marcus stores (San Francisco, Walnut Creek, and Dallas) now own a special kind of mirror that lets people “try on” and compare different garments or outfits without actually putting them on.

The mirror, called the MemoryMirror, is made by a small Palo Alto company called Memomi.

“When you stand in front of the mirror, which looks to stand about six feet tall, you are captured by an Intel RealSense camera at the top,” explains VentureBeat. “But the image you see in the mirror is straight-on, not the view from the camera’s perspective (like a security camera view). In fact, the mirror uses three other cameras and a patented image adjustment technology to make it look like the you’re looking into a real mirror.”

How does THAT work?

“MemoryMirror’s main trick, though, is showing you your digital image and then digitally outfitting you with different colors and styles of clothing. You can see various garments from all angles as you spin around in front of the camera.”

Reports say that although the quality of the captured video isn’t so great as to let consumers see things like the detailed texture of a garment’s fabric, it is good enough to give one a general idea of she’d look in an item.

“CTO Ofer Saban told me that his company is also working on building the mirroring technology into a pane of glass. The glass might be used in a storefront window so that people could step up on the sidewalk and try on clothing,” reports VentureBeat.

Trying on clothes as we walk past storefronts? Who are we going to ask “do our butts look big in this?” Complete strangers?


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