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SXSW 2017 Buzz Aldrin, 8i Blast Off with New VR ExperienceBuzz Aldrin and 8i came to Austin, Texas this week for SXSW to announce a new project with Time Inc’s LIFE VR.

On Tuesday, the partners premiered what they call the world’s first legacy VR project featuring the celebrated astronaut’s hologram as he “takes viewers on a journey through space and reveals his plan to send humans to Mars.”

If you’re not in Texas for the festival and still want an out-of-this-world sneak peek at the platform, click here.

Per the details shared in Tuesday’s media release, “Buzz Aldrin: CYCLING PATHWAYS TO MARS” is described as being an educational room-scale VR experience with stunning visual effects that is the first official release from holographic technology company 8i, and the first room-scale VR experience featuring a real human to be released by Time Inc.’s LIFE VR.

“While the moon landing was a monumental achievement for humanity, there’s no greater mission than mankind’s journey to Mars,” said Aldrin, an astronaut on Gemini 12 and Apollo 11 missions. “I have a plan for creating a human settlement on Mars, and thanks to virtual reality and holographic technology from 8i, we now have an exciting new way to communicate this plan with the world and to leave my legacy behind for future generations of aspiring space travelers.”

Soon after its SXSW premiere, we’re told that “Buzz Aldrin: CYCLING PATHWAYS TO MARS” will be distributed by Time Inc. to TIME and LIFE VR audiences across multiple VR platforms including Steam and Viveport for the HTC Vive beginning March 17, and to Oculus Rift soon thereafter.


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