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photo1Two powerhouses in their respective fields are teaming up, much to the thrill of the ad tech community.

On Tuesday, VRJournal was briefed on the news that SpotX and OmniVirt have inked a new partnership for the purpose of powering 360° virtual reality (VR) advertising for brands.

We’re told that this pairing will bring OmniVirt’s 360° VR technology across all media owners on SpotX’s platform, “giving marketers the ability to distribute their 360° VR content at scale.”

All told, the move comes just as concerns about scaling reach new heights.

Distribution has been one of the largest pain-points in the VR market today. Under the partnership, OmniVirt’s robust VR technology will now seamlessly integrate into the premium inventory available through SpotX’s platform. It will enable brands to promote and drive viewers to their VR experiences at unparalleled scale.

“Marketers and agencies alike have been creating 360° VR advertisements due to the promise this medium has for marketers to make an impact on their audience,” states Brad Phaisan, Founder and CEO of OmniVirt.

The partners tell us that OmniVirt 360° VR campaigns have shown a tenfold increase in interaction and engagement compared to flat 2D advertisements.


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