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On Monday, VRJournal learned that Spectra7 Microsystems Inc. — a top provider of high-performance analog semiconductor products for virtual reality, augmented reality, and more — is moving its corporate headquarters from Palo Alto, CA to San Jose, CA.

“Benefits of the Company’s new headquarters include nearly doubling the size of its current facility in Palo Alto, lowered operating costs, improved engineering facilities and closer proximity to key customers,” a provided announcement reads.

Additionally, we’re told that the new place also offers on-site amenities and reduced travel time for employees.

“Moving our headquarters to San Jose will both reduce Spectra7’s operating expenses and allow room to scale the company,” said CEO Raouf Halim. “As we continue to grow our revenues and penetrate new markets, we intend to provide improved support to our rapidly growing pipeline of Tier 1 customers as well as a higher quality workplace environment to grow our talented team.”

If you’re keeping tabs on the new spot, the company’s new headquarters is located at 2550 North First Street, Suite 500, San Jose, CA 95131.


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