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RYOT Collaborating with The Associated Press on Virtual Reality News ReportingOn the same day that the world learns that The Wall Street Journal is investing in virtual reality, media company and virtual reality studio, RYOT, announced that it has begun a new joint initiative with global news agency, The Associated Press.

Together, they will produce a series of stories in virtual reality, co-created and distributed across both networks over the next five months.

The collaboration launches with today’s release of “Seeking Home: Life Inside the Calais Migrant Camp,” the first VR story to come out of the new venture, which transports viewers to the front line of the largest migrant and refugee camp in northern France.

The new AP/RYOT collaboration will help to cultivate a relationship between the respected news agency and the prolific docu-style VR studio, “paving the way for the future of virtual reality in journalism.”

“We are very excited about this collaboration,” said Bryn Mooser, Co-Founder of RYOT News. “The Associated Press has been our preferred news provider since our launch three years ago, and now, together with VR, we have the opportunity to reimagine the way we interact with the news and blaze new trails together in immersive journalism.”


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