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Running for President of Virtual Reality That's Actually a ThingForget the 2016 election for President of the United States. There’s a virtual reality presidential race to look forward to next year.

Never heard of it? We hadn’t either. But now, we both know what it is — a real election for the ceremonial position of head hancho in VR land.

According to a statement shared with VRJournal, cyber-celebrity and entrepreneur Jon NEVERDIE Jacobs has just announced his bid to run for Virtual Reality President, “an inaugural election put forth by Mindark, the developer of the Entropia Universe, the real currency MMO virtual reality (VR) platform.”

A driving force behind the growth of Entropia, Jacobs’ famous avatar NEVERDIE has been a pioneer of the universe for 12 years and has built an empire within virtual reality, making him the best choice for VR President.

“We are now in the renaissance of VR,” says Jacobs.  “I envision a thriving platform that creates resources rather than depletes them which is the unfortunate climate in the real world.  Those who are productive in the supply and demand virtual economy will be financially compensated.”

Hoping for a website? You’re in luck (www.presidentofvirtualreality.com).

Polls will close on March 27, 2016.

Additionally, as part of this “landmark new initiative,” hardware and software developers, publishers and creators “are encouraged to join the Virtual Reality Coalition in support of the creation of the Avatar Bill of Rights as a means to galvanize the VR community. ”

For more info or to register and vote in this monumental election, click here.


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