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Rob Thomas and VNTANA Create Virtual Music ExperienceSocial augmented reality company, VNTANA, is behind the creation of what it calls the first interactive hologram karaoke fan experience to go on tour.

In this case, the tour features Grammy-winning artist Rob Thomas. And Thomas is taking technology to the next level for a close encounter with fans as never before imagined.

As described by those touting the tour’s VIP Package, fans “can select one of three songs to perform as a hologram duet with Thomas’ hologram.”

The objective of the effort? An unprecedented fan engagement experience.

“Fan engagement is a key component in music culture and essential for artists to help create personal experiences for their fans, however, accessibility to artists has recently raised concerns and challenged artists to come up with new ways to engage with fans,” tour organizers announced Thursday. “Rob was keen to continue to offer his fans a one-on-one experience, and worked with VNTANA to create a virtual meet and greet that still offered close engagement.”

To learn more about what fans can expect from this HOLLAGRAM Karaoke Experience, click here.


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