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topbannerNew research shows that more Americans are accepting AI than ever before.

And they have a reason to: it’s helping Americans avoid mindless tasks at their own job while freeing them up to be more creative, more engaged – and for the rare case, even giving them enough time to engage in a little office romance.

The new data comes from Conversica, a company with a conversational artificial intelligence platform and an AI-powered sales assistant that presents itself as a human sales assistant for more than 1,000 customers across automotive, finance, hospitality, real estate and technology including Fortune 500 companies like IBM and Epson.

This is important now because – as Americans gear up to recognize the assistants in their lives for Administrative Professionals Day on April 26 – the majority of Americans say they would welcome having a virtual assistant by their side.  Conversica surveyed more than 1,000 Americans about the potential benefits of AI and how people see this emerging tech integrating with their work – and personal – lives.

Among the survey highlights:

  •  52 percent of Americans would like to have a virtual assistant and feel that with an AI assistant helping at work, they would be more productive
  •  The top two reasons for wanting an AI assistant are to offload mindless, repetitive tasks and to make time-consuming tasks easier
  •  Other reasons for wanting to have an AI assistant are the elimination of boring tasks and the need to work after hours and the ability to delegate work that isn’t a good use of skills

“Tongue firmly in cheek, Conversica hasn’t noted an observable increase in office romances in situations where AI is present,” commented Alex Terry, CEO of Conversica. “What we do see is a turning point in American perceptions around artificial intelligence and a growing understanding that AI can solve real business problems and help human workers be more productive and successful.”


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