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On Wednesday, VRJournal learned that Reign Sapphire Corp. — a direct-to-consumer, branded and custom jewelry company — plans to deploy virtual reality imaging to “gain more sales and provide retailers a state-of-the-art shopping experience for their customers.”

We’re told that The Glimpse Group, a heavy-hitting innovator in virtual and augmented reality business solutions, will create a virtual store front that can be experienced using Oculus Rift or HTC Vive headsets.

The storefront will include areas to showcase specific Reign pieces or collections and a virtual assistant that leads the user through the experience and eventually to a purchase.

“Customers will save items in a virtual shopping cart and have the option to ‘purchase’ the items while in virtual reality,” the official word reads. “Once they exit the experience, they can physically make the purchase selected and have it shipped to them if it is out of stock or customized.”

We’re told that Reign expects new revenue opportunities to be created by allowing inventory free sales at trade shows, live events and in retail jewelry stores.

“Our brands are thoroughly modern and known for their customized appeal so the purchaser’s experience should be equally cutting edge,” says Joseph Segelman, Reign CEO. “Glimpse Group is providing sale experience optimization that we did not know was possible.”

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