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augmented-reality-1853592_960_720Reason is ready to push virtual reality to new heights. And plenty of other technologies are coming along for the ride.

The company, a startup that promotes adoption of exciting technological advances, confirmed to VRJournal this week plans to launch a new platform to gamify discovery in a team-based sci-fi adventure.

Not surprisingly, virtual reality plays a key part in this platform, as do drones, holograms, Virtual robotics, 3D printing and more.

In short, the company gives people access to experimental gear they would do not normally experience, providing inspiration and broadening horizons.

So how does it work?

Reason works like a game, one which sees players enjoy all the offerings of its Future Technology Escape Room. Aimed at everyone from HR leaders conducting team building days to the simply curious, throughout the experience, Reason puts various gadgets in the hands of players, which they have to utilize to become successful in their sci-fi mission.

“We’re the Buffalo Bill of emerging tech,” says co-founder and CEO Mike Chen. “Reason’s mission is to humanize our relationship with technology and each other. We are accelerating the diffusion of emerging technology by creating exciting and entertaining ‘first contact’ experiences.”

To learn more about the experiences in question, click here.


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