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purdue-2-e1430668664587Targamite LLC, a Fort Wayne, Indiana-based robotics and artificial intelligence R&D company, and Purdue University are teaming up.

VRJournal was briefed Monday on the new coupling, which serves in effect as a formal research sponsorship agreement to “develop, test, and implement AI algorithms for controlling adaptive robotic targets.”

We’re told that this “collaborative project” is to be carried out by the Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne (IPFW) Analogical Constructivism and Reasoning Lab (ACoRL), led by Dr. John Licato, Assistant Professor, Computer Science, with the support of the IPFW Information, Analytics, and Visualization (IAV) center, led by Dr. Beomjin Kim, Professor and Chair of Computer Science, and several IPFW computer science students.

As for the envisioned outcome of the pairing, here’s what a provided statement asserts:

The technology developed through this project will be incorporated into the next generation of the TARGABOT moving shooting target, the center point of Targamite’s focus on human-robot interaction, resulting in the enhancement of (1) robotic situational awareness, networked group experiential learning, and adaptive behavior responsiveness; and (2) human threat discernment / engagement capabilities, and real-time decision-making.

“We see this as just the beginning of a very productive collaboration with Purdue,” said Gary Kaufman, CEO of Targamite. “Drs. Licato and Kim are incredibly enthusiastic and talented and the students have already been terrific. We’ll be doing a lot together to develop this important technology.”


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