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one-of-the-nbas-worst-free-throw-shooters-gives-vr-a-shotAndre Drummond is among the long list of otherwise extremely talented basketball players who just can’t get comfortable at the free throw line. And now, the NBA player is willing to give VR a shot to see if it can help improve his percentage at the line.

CBS News reports that the Detroit Pistons center is confident that VR can help. And Drummond needs all the help he can get with a career free throw average of just 38%.

His free throw shooting is so poor that it’s even prompted head coach Stan Van Gundy to bench the player late in close games.

So how does VR help? The technology he uses allows Drummond “to visualize himself making free throw after free throw.”

“They recorded me shooting a ton of free throws, and obviously recorded the makes, and watching over and over again and just training my brain,” Drummond is quoted in the report.

“When I tried it I ended up really liking it and stuck with it throughout the summer and I saw the progress,” Drummond said. “It’s more of a mental thing, and with the VR, it’s more of a reinforcement, kind of training your mind to think positively all the time — even though you’re not going to make every shot, but you still have that thought process that you’re making shots.”

With the new NBA season fast approaching, it won’t be long before we know if the use of virtual reality will improve Drummond’s performance at the line.


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