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OmniVirt, a 360 Video and Virtual Reality (VR) advertising platform founded by former Google and YouTube employees, is expanding its platform to provide a monetization solution for VR inventory.

OmniVirt’s platform can be used to monetize a publisher’s virtual reality inventory in an industry which has lacked the technology to connect web and VR inventory together. That limited scale and stymied monetization for VR providers. Additionally, for VR app developers, OmniVirt will provide monetization for iOS, Android, Unity, and others.

“Now, both traditional publishers and VR developers can monetize their VR inventory and deliver campaigns that scale for brands,” OmniVirt noted in an announcement at the start of the week.

OmniVirt has delivered more than 500 million 360-degree VR ad impressions on high profile campaigns for clients including Toyota, Infiniti, Samsung, Netflix, Chevron, Universal Pictures, and Johnnie Walker. Now these campaigns can scale into VR inventory as well.

This demonstration video provides more details. Check it out below.

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