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NVIDIA VR Platforms 'Deliver Massive Performance Boost' for VRMaking the virtual reality experience even better than current technologies and resources allow is the goal of many companies in this market today.

That’s particularly true for NVIDIA, a company that readily admits that “delivering VR is a complex challenge, especially since immersive VR requires seven times the graphics processing power compared to traditional 3D apps and games.”

So to address — and “solve” — this problem, NVIDIA on Thursday officially released the 1.0 version of two powerful VR SDKs: NVIDIA GameWorks VR and NVIDIA DesignWorks VR.

When used in conjunction with the company’s industry-leading GeForce and Quadro GPUs, these SDKs provide developers the tools to create amazing VR experiences, increase performance, reduce latency, improve hardware compatibility and accelerate 360-degree video broadcasts.

“Both SDKs deliver a comprehensive set of APIs and libraries for headset and app developers, including new NVIDIA Multi-Res Shading Technology,” the company tells us. “Available publicly for the first time, Multi-Res Shading is an innovative rendering technique that increases performance by as much as 50 percent2 while maintaining image quality.”

Additionally, the 1.0 SDK releases also add support for Windows 10.

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