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Apple Acquires German Augmented Reality Software Creator MetaioOn Monday, Apple is expected to launch a new array of mobile tech for its iOS-obsessed user base. But don’t expect anything of the VR nature… yet.

Monday’s event, we’re told, is all about new offerings to the iDevice lineup and possibly Mac. As for virtual reality components to Apple’s product and service offerings, the company is said to be sticking with its previously rumored timeframe for entering the virtual reality market.

As VRJournal first reported in February, Apple is two years away from unleashing an industry leading virtual reality headset.

How do we know? Apple certainly didn’t tell us. Gene Munster, a prominent market analyst with Piper Jaffrey did. Although, to be fair, Apple didn’t exactly tell him either.

But the hit-or-miss prediction track record on Munster is sufficient to gain the analyst some digital ink in recent weeks in response to his prognostications.

So what does Munster anticipate?

“As a starting point, we expect in the next two years Apple will add VR to the MFi Program (Made for iPhone), which should make it easier for third parties to build virtual reality headsets powered by the iPhone, much like Samsung’s Gear VR today,” Munster told investors in February. “In the next 5-10 years, we expect Apple to release a mixed reality headset with the long term goal (15+ years) of replacing the iPhone.”

Overall, Apple’s move will coincide with the shifting tides of consumer technologies.

“We believe 10 years from now Generation Z will find reality inefficient,” Munster proposes, arguing for the looming inherent demand for VR. “Generation Z will see the benefits of mixed reality headsets that augment the world with real-time information as they need it and in their field of view, without needing to look at one piece of information at a time on a smartphone.”


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