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A new report from Nielsen suggests that virtual reality holds the potential to open up a world of opportunity for both marketing and fundraising for the world’s non profit organizations of all shapes and sizes.

“Specifically, we took on this study to uncover answers to three questions,” said Harry Brisson, Director of Lab Research at Nielsen. “We sought to understand the charitable behavior profile of VR audiences, the effectiveness of 360 video compared to more traditional forms of advertising, and the content characteristics that drive donations and other desirable measures for charities.”

As for the answers to these questions, they’re promising indeed for non profits.

“Nielsen research found that nearly half of consumers who viewed the VR content were likely to donate afterward (48%), compared with just over one-third for more traditional units (38%),” the report summary reads.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

“On the one hand, some may find it surprising that such an immersive experience doesn’t beat a flat comparison 100% of the time; however, it’s important to remember that VR is still in an embryonic stage as a medium, so to already see such strong performance from VR relative to more traditional ad formats is an encouraging sign for the pioneers making content today,” said Brisson. “With continued research and improvement, these experiences will only continue to improve, benefiting consumers, creators, and the charities they support.”


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