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banner-KS liveVirtual reality’s top innovators keep the wheels of innovation spinning these days, especially when it comes to the world of fitness.

This week, the team at Fit Immersion confirmed plans to launch a Kickstarter campaign in the days ahead to support its Personalized Training Project.

“The campaign will be launched to seek public support in backing this France based project,” reads a statement emailed to VRJournal.

Fit Immersion is announcing this project after 27 months of research and development. The company’s goal? To become a difference maker with its VR training in the fitness world.

“The patented solutions of Fit Immersion are more affordable as compared to Oculus and HTC Vive solutions,” the company tells us.

“We have proudly patented the first VR cardboard designed for sport along with a wireless speed sensor,” the company says of its upcoming project. “It will be compatible with all exercise bike types and elliptical trainers and is going to be quite affordable for the users,” he added. The solution is more personalized than any other training program in the industry and has many new and exciting features.”


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