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screen-and-headset-1Ever bought the wrong product at the grocery store because the package “looked familiar,” or the “colors were similar” to your usual choice, or the size of the box seemed right?

It happens a lot, actually.

“Research suggests that shoppers routinely purchase the wrong item because of similarities in packaging and where products sit on a shelf, resulting in frustration and dissatisfaction,” according to the team at Acuity.

Now Acuity Intelligence is introducing “AcuityVR:Shopper Edition.” This new tool, which applies lessons learned from its research, is designed to help marketers better understand modern buyer behavior.

Best of all: the tool debuts an immersive, virtual reality environment — and for the first time for this market sector.

AcuityVR combines virtual reality and eye-tracking technologies to generate powerful insight into how shoppers respond to packaging, brands, and the retail environment. The analytics could boost success for brands and retailers that want to fine-tune how they accommodate shopper journeys and decision making at the point of sale.

“It is imperative that brand marketers and retailers understand the interactions that are occurring in-store. Too often they struggle to make good decisions due to the difficulties analyzing increasingly complex data sets,” explained Dr. Tim Holmes, Director of Research and Development at Acuity Intelligence.

“By combining eye tracking technology with virtual reality and our expert insight, we can make budgets work harder and empower brands and retailers alike with insightful consumer behavioral data,” Holmes emphasized.


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